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Homewood FIT strives to help women attain a healthy lifestyle through fitness, intensity and togetherness. We believe in more than just exercising; overall health comes through dedication, accountability and community.
Our FIT classes will include interval, core and some crossfit type training.
FIT stands for female intensive training and is for women, by women. We are two friends who have been in community work outs for a while together and know that accountability and fellowship are two of the main reasons women come back to work out. We want the heartbeat of Homewood FIT to extend far past just toned bodies and we want to offer this to you.
A community that is encouraging and will push you to be better, stronger and faster women. It does take hard work, dedication and making healthier choices, but with Homewood FIT you are not alone trying to figure it all out. We hope to motivate, educate and inspire you.
About Us
Allison Stephens is a coach/trainer and has been in the fitness industry for many years and has a passion for educating women on the health benefits of food and fitness. Her and her husband Mitch live in Homewood with their two children Neily and Jake.
Suzanne Jones is a coach/trainer and is passionate about helping women make healthier choices and motivating them to obtain their goals. Her and her husband CJ live in Homewood with their three children Hudson, Mary Holland and Owen.
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