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Girls next door…

August 1, 2012

We are heading into to August and the heartbeat of our FIT Classes bring hope, change, weight loss and friendships. We have watched the women over the past few months really become friends as well as getting stronger, faster and leaner. Women continue to lose weight and change. Our FIT Chef Mohana, who cooks for the women, still looks amazing and wonderful every time I see her, and is ever transforming into a skinner, stronger version of herself after months of exercise and changing her diet. She can do push-ups and she can run, she struggled with both when she first came to class. It is also encouraging to hear how much people have missed the class, and the community, when they are gone on vacation.

The community of the Homewood FIT class has become all we hoped it would be and more. The women in the class are some of the best coaches anyone could want. They push each other and encourage each other and the topic often turns to potty training, camps, teachers for the fall or just what they are doing that day as we wait for class to begin. The workouts are tough and challenging, yet it is a come as you are community. For the girl next door…literally. The fall looks to be busy and like a full class and there will be more classes opening up…more details to come.

Here are some of the Girls from the FIT Night Out in June where we give the women practical idea’s in how to eat the FIT way and avoiding harmful processed foods. We will be having another one this month as well. Come get FIT with us!



*Sorry for the blurry iPhone pic. Working on recruiting a Zap guy 😉

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