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Kelly’s Story

June 27, 2012

Kelly came into Homewood FIT and by all accounts looked healthy from the outside. She didn’t need to lose weight, which is the biggest driving factor for getting women moving and eating right, but her growth from day one has been amazing to watch. She has gotten stronger and faster for sure, but one the greatest gifts has been watching her on her journey of  processing and embracing the way to healthy eating. Kelly always gives us lots of laughs and brings her joyful spirit to our class bright and early. Here is Kelly’s email she sent us on how Homewood FIT has impacted her.

I’ve been wanting to write down my thoughts for a while since I’ve started Homewood FIT just to tell you, Suzanne & Allison, how thankful I am for this group of women and you, my trainers!!

I am a wife and mom of three kids- Jake (5) and Sam and Molly (twin 4 year olds).  I have been in shape in the past -well, like in high school :)- but I have not had any drive or motivation to exercise in a long time, not to mention any spare time in my day without kids.  Every now and then I would try to go on a walk or say I was going to start eating right, but I had no accountability and no self-discipline. 

Homewood FIT has changed everything for me as far as exercise and nutrition.  I truly needed the direction and accountability that I get with Homewood FIT. I’ve got to be honest, I don’t necessarily look forward to working out when my alarm goes off at 5:20am, but I know everyone is there waiting on me and I feel so good when I get started with the workout. I love that the workout is always different and I’m done working out for the day by 6:30am.  I feel in shape for the first time in a long long time!!! I have gotten so motivated that I even try to fit in some other kind of workout on my off days. I have been making much healthier choices in what I eat since I went to the “Homewood FIT Night Out” and heard what’s worked for you and other women. So for the first time, working out and eating right is not miserable! Another first for me… I’m working out on vacation! Unheard of for me 🙂 My husband and I have worked out together twice on our vacation this week- it’s so fun to be able to keep up with him and have that in common to do together.

For me, Homewood FIT has jump-started me back to myself after having my babies. I painted my nails and bought a new outfit the other day, I just feel so good again. 🙂 Truly, thank you so much for your encouragement and support. Suzanne and Allison this group is a gift to many women.

Kelly Dorough

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  1. June 28, 2012 12:40 am

    I love this! It made me SMILE!

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