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Mohana’s Story

May 12, 2012

I woke up the other morning and begin to read the following email I had received on my phone. Before I even got out of bed I had laughed and cried over this precious soul sister’s testimony! This is the driving  passion behind Homewood FIT, women whose lives are changing from the inside out…literally!

I’ve been redeemed!

I don’t even know if I have ever shared with you my struggles with my weight through the years but actually started when I was born.

My mom had a difficult pregnancy, not even mention that my dad wanted her to abort me several times during the gestation process.  My mom went into labor when she was only 6 months far in her pregnancy.  Her water broke because my dad made her unload a truck fully loaded with boxes of peaches (each one around 50 pounds).  I was born through a c-section.  I was only 4 pounds. How long I stayed at the hospital and how I came home is another long story, that I may share one day.

I was very petite. My parents tried everything they knew to fatten me up.  Fatness was a symbol of a great healthy child. So they fed me like the world was going to end.  I have memories back to when I was in kindergarten, already carrying several more pounds than I needed.  This gave me a huge baggage for the years to come.  Children can be very cruel. I remember being left out of games because of the way I looked, whenever we had an opportunity to do something in teams, I was very often, if not always, left alone.  I hated P.E. with everything I had.  It was hard. It was humiliating to me, especially at the beginning of the year when the teachers had to measure and weight us one by one.  I was the heaviest of the girls.  I was mad. I was embarrassed.

During my middle/high school years I made some friends and they were good to me.  At least I had a few girls that wouldn’t mind to hang out with me even when I couldn’t do a hands stand up on my weekly P.E. classes!  But that baggage of rejection was always following me like a shadow, and I developed a self-defense wall to the point that when people would make fun of me because I was fat, I would act like I didn’t even care what they were doing or saying.  But I did.

I graduated from high school and went to collage.  I loved my time there. I learned so much.  I started working as soon as I graduated.  This time, I was the office manager for the general management of a shipping agency.  Guess what? The first opportunity my boss had to talk to me, he used it to tell me that I needed to lose some weight… like if I had never tried before!

I tried for a while, with some success.  I went from obese to barely overweight.  Those were good years, I was finally looking more like a normal person, though I felt punished because everyone else could eat everything they wanted, whenever they wanted and I couldn’t.  The Lord was very patient with me, I had to say it.  Imagine a feisty chilean like me throwing a tantrum for this over and over again.  I am telling you, the Lord had mercy on me.

So, after a few years the weight came right up.  I would feel bad that I was gaining weight but after a while I would just give up.  At the end, it was always the same story.  I would starve myself so I could lose some pounds and when I was sick of it, I would come back to my unhealthy eating habits.  I tried so many diets…. like those “stop eating everything you like and you would lose weight” I wish they would also add “oh… and you would be miserable during the process and when you’re hungry, you will get mad, so warn your loved ones!”

Anyway, every guy I liked would always not like me back.  Do you know why?  I was not looking so hot with 60 pounds extra.  So, I added a little bit more to the hurts and pains.  Making long story short, Jesus found me!! yay!!!!  He took my pain, and washed my sin away but as stubborn as I am, I kept the baggage to hang out with it a little bit longer.  You know, there are some things you don’t think the Lord can heal, or at least I did.

Then, years later.  I met my man.  And here was when the whole healing process started.  He loved me as I was.  He would look at me and couldn’t believe I was his girl.  He was/is crazy in love with me.  Well, THAT was a miracle to me!!! I mean, I kept looking for the angels around us to explain me that one…how that could be even possible?!?!  He loved me!!!!

Poor guy, he has had a tough job witnessing the Lord’s goodness in my healing process.  I told you.  I am stubborn as a mule!  I don’t even have a number for the countless times that Jared has told me… “Babe, if you could only see yourself with His eyes…” Anyway.  I finally gave up.  I haven’t said I am completely healed, but getting there… slowly… but getting there.

After years of this process and being compelled by the Lord over and over to honor him with my body, we set goals as a family and we started to at least eat better.  It was hard, but it was a good transition. I didn’t want to do a single diet, because I hated them all, even the ones I’ve never heard before.  But even around us there were people that we knew and loved that were into this transition too.  This, of course, brought a great benefit.  I was losing weight.  I was also becoming a slave to my TWO scales.  I would check my weight every single day of my life while Jared went to drop off the boys to school.  There I was, with a shirt and underwear on top of the scale.  If I lost a pound or two, I would run around the house and open the door to Jared looking at him like if I had seen Jesus.  He obviously figured that I’ve lost a pound.  When those numbers didn’t change for a couple of days, or really didn’t change from day 2 to day 3, then I was upset.  I would tell him over and over… this darn thing is not working.  I am wasting my time, it is not worth it.  Now, if I so happen to have gained a pound, those were bad news.  He would find me on my bed bursting in tears.  As you know, the smart man decided to put both scales in the trunk of his car.  I don’t even think he did it to help me, it was just a strategy to keep his own sanity I guess.

But healthy eating was not enough.  I had to exercise.  Those words were like a curse.  I hated every single syllable of it. But, I said to myself.  You only need to try.  It’s for His glory.  So, Homewood Fit came to the picture.  I saw the Facebook page and since I knew the girls I decided to give it a shot.  I signed up for the demo class.  Jared at this point was so thrilled that was almost jumping on the walls of pure joy!.  I went to that gym and it was a slap on the face.  I said to myself “I am so out of shape”.  “This cannot be my future”.  I barely did something that day. I was shocked as how little I could do.  I felt so helpless with my own ability. I wanted to come back.  But I needed to have a surgery.  So I didn’t do anything for the next six weeks or so.

March came and it was my time to come back.  All my excitement was fading after six weeks but as my sweet husband said “you told them you were coming back.  You need to be a woman of your word” yeah… thanks, darling… that’s exactly what I wanted to hear!… I came back.  In the middle of the workout I hurled, and kept working out some more.  I needed to come back.  I was reminded how badly I needed to be in shape.

The Wods started to get harder and more intense, but I was enjoying them more and more.  Somehow, my mind setting towards exercising was changing.  I was starting to feel different. I was loving to be around these girls and work out with them.  April went by and I was so amazed to see how much the Lord had blessed me through this.  I got stronger. I was able to work hard and when I was about to give up, I always heard somebody cheering me up… every session has been an offering to my Father for his goodness.  I am so thankful to him and to each one of you.

We started May and I wasn’t so thrilled about getting up this early to exercise.  The first class I failed to set my alarm correctly and I missed my class.  But I was there for the second.  It was a partners workout.  A class that I will treasure deeply in my heart.  I know, you’re thinking I am crazy by now and probably falling asleep reading this whole testament, but you have no idea what the Lord did last Monday, May 7th.

I wrote above, I’ve been redeemed!  and redemption and a great healing came to me on Monday morning.  I showed up for the class and after running the first lap, they asked us to get a partner for the workout.  Just think for a second of all the baggage that I’ve carried for years of rejection.  I simply lifted my eyes and the first person I looked was Mary, and she picked me!.  Did you read that?  She picked me!  The one that was always left alone. The one that nobody wanted to do anything with. The one that never could do hand stands and car wheels… I was in shock!  Overwhelmed by His healing.  I worked as hard as I could and as soon as I came home I told Jared what happened.  Tears of joy ran down our faces.  The Lord redeemed me through Mary, and after years I finally felt free.  His redemption was real. I experienced it. I rejoiced in his love for me and brought such gratefulness for each one of you.

You are a blessing to me.  I love you all!


 Mohana before…

Mohana one week ago

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  1. Kellie permalink
    May 13, 2012 2:00 am

    Mohana, thanks for sharing your story. Hope it inspires other women!

  2. Cathy permalink
    May 14, 2012 3:41 am

    Mohana, you are such an inspiration! I am so happy you have shared your story!!

  3. Sue Ellen permalink
    May 14, 2012 9:44 pm

    Mohanna, you are beautiful. I love you to pieces. You will always be an inspiration to me and a hero in my heart!

  4. Brandi permalink
    August 1, 2012 3:39 am

    Mohana, I love you so much! You hadme in tears the whole time I was reading. I am so proud of you.

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