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My Journey

March 4, 2012

20092011I think one’s testimony of failures and successes can be so impactful. Sharing our experience, strength and hope with each other can change lives and ultimately save lives. My experience was when I turned 30 reality hit. I woke up to two small demanding children, that I wouldn’t trade for the world, a stressful job and a diagnoses of Mono. I was traveling downhill at a fast speed. I would like to say that it didn’t end up messy, but it did. Mono sent me into depression and I sought help. They prescribed a happy pill and I proceeded to pack on 30 pounds from May to Christmas 2008. Talk about being depressed. You may be depressed and eating bon-bons while you read this and if you are that is OKAY…just keep reading. I want this post to be hopeful, not shameful. Shame will drive you further and further into the behavior you are wanting free from, believe me I know.
So, in 2009 I weigh in at a whopping 160. I get pregnant with baby #3 and the Dr. informs me that when was on the delivery table with my first child I only weighed 150, and that I probably should try NOT to gain much weight with this pregnancy. Talk about humbling and embarrassing. Thankfully, I didn’t gain much weight and the third baby arrived. I knew I needed a life change. I needed new healthy behaviors. I needed to eat fruit, not chips. I needed to drink more water not more Coke Zero….I was slowly stepping out of denial and wanting to feel better and these all seemed like simple concepts, but I had no clue where to start. I had always been active, but somewhere along the way I lost myself in the world of babies and work.
Six months after the baby #3 came, and looking at recent beach trip pictures, I decided I wanted my body back and I wanted to feel better for myself. How the rest of the details play out are only a testimony to God, but I found my way to some friends (which includes my business partner) who were making healthy living and healthy choices a daily part of their lives. Through encouragement, and just being in community with them, my thinking about food and fitness begin to change. We tossed our kids in the backyard and would have workouts on Monday evenings as couples. We went to the beach and had workouts. We discussed cooking dinner while at the pool and I began losing weight and feeling better. I was inspired and motivated, not pressured or shamed, and that is Homewood FIT’s mission. To share our experience, where we’ve come from…our strength, how we changed…and hope, for those who have none. We want to challenge you to come try a class! No one is going to notice or care if you can do 1 push-up or 50, if you do only one that might be a greater victory than 50 for someone, which makes it a safe, victorious place for the beginner. You will have many cheerleaders, like it or not!
There is no magic formula and everyone will have a different journey and different struggles, and will be pushed at their level of fitness. If you follow what we tell you, and actually do it, your life will change. There is no, “if you complete 60 days of working out you have crossed the ticker tape”…there is no ticker tape. This is a lifestyle and through eating real food and moving your body you can get thinner and toned. Your body is going to change, but our hope is it will be far more than just dropping pounds or gaining muscle. Join us for a class to experience the community of Homewood FIT and start with changing from the inside out!

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  1. April 27, 2012 9:30 am

    Suz- I am so amazed by all God is doing in your life. Your concept is brilliant -you are such a talented business woman, but better yet, a true friend to those around you.

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